Ideas in Transit was a five-year project running from October 2007 to September 2012 that sought to examine, understand, support and engage with user innovation relevant to transport.

During the lifetime of the project significant developments took place in the wider world. These included: the growing capabilities and availability of smartphones - and the emergence of the 'App' phenomenon; the growth in online social newtorking; an evolving culture of individuals working together thanks to the connectivity of the web to create and pool data and knowledge; and the arrival of the phenomenon of open data with government authorities and other agencies sharing their datasets.

Such developments have helped foster what appears to be a growing emergence of user innovations in transport. During the project we sought to draw together a collection of such innovations we had identified. We assembled them as a wiki into what we referred to as the Innovations Portal. This has now been 'finalised' following the end of the project. However, you can still browse through over 200 innovations in the Portal.

The main aim of this website is now to make available information concerning the public domain outputs that have emerged from the project.

Ideas in Transit contributed 150,000 of innovation funding to support the six winners of the GeoVation Challenge"How can we improve transport in Britain?"

Page last updated 9 October 2012

Ideas in Transit... Government has an important part to play. Industry has traditionally been the source of innovation. People are now a powerful new source of innovation.

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