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Image (C) Andy Lane - reproduced with permission

Trikidoo is a tricycle designed by a London mother of three to carry children and luggage.



The Trikidoo is a practical three-wheeler with a comfortable, raised rear seat for two children and lots of storage space underneath. At just 75cm wide, it won’t block traffic and will fit through the average front door.

It was sold directly without retailers using the internet to raise awareness. Clair explains "I don't send out a brochure. Basically I have a website, and sell direct (I also advertise in normal print magazines etc). People also find me on the web they then order either by calling or emailing me."


When Clare Kemp-Welch was pregnant with her third child, she wanted a bicycle that would transport her and the children. Having not found what she wanted she conceived, designed, produced and sold the product she had been looking for.

In January 2011 it was reported that Kemp-Welch was looking to sell the company.[1]

At a point prior to April 2012 Trikidoo ceased trading. The company website simply reading: "Trikidoo is no longer trading.".[2]


Trikidoo (which is a registered trademark) had 103,000 search results from Google in 2009, which shows there was a high level of awareness of the product around the world. As of April 2012 Trikidoo is down to 6,400 search results. However many of these are of people still looking to buy Trikidoos or similar bikes. There appears to be greater awareness of Trikidoo over similar products like the Babboe.

2012 Status

Trikidoo has ceased trading. An exit was attempted in January 2011, but it appears no buyer was found. Despite the end of the company/manufacturing it still seems to have had a hoover-vacuum cleaner effect on language. Trikidoos, and similar items, are still in demand.

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